Using Maya Mist To Create Painterly Hearts

Maya Road | Maya Road

Did you know you can combine your Maya Mists with acrylic paint to create beautiful effects? I used Maya Mist, gesso (an acrylic primer), and acrylic paint to create this album:

To create the hearts, you need:

1. Take the large chipboard heart, trace it onto the scrap cardstock, and cut it out. What you want is the negative portion of the heart you just cut out.

2. Using the negative portion of the heart as a stencil, paint some gesso into the heart. Let it dry for a few minutes, but you don't have to let it dry all the way.

3. Spray on some orange Maya Mist.

4. Next, spray on some pink Maya Mist.

5. Last, spray on some gold Maya Mist. The mists mix together and create a very interesting effect.

6. Remove the mask/stencil and let the heart dry completely.

For my album, I created a heart on the front and back of each envelope, and when the hearts were dry, I painted around them with green acrylic paint and added some blue acrylic paint splatter. The technique is messy and imperfect, but the look is very painterly...people will ask you, "How did you do that?" Enjoy!

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