Using Maya Mist On Canvas

Maya Road | Maya Road

Have you seen the new 3-ring canvas albums? They're made entirely out of canvas (swoon). When I got my hands on one, I could not wait to use our fabulous Maya Mist on it! To color the "Happy Me" album below, I simply used:

  • water
  • Blue Maya Mist
  • Purple Maya Mist
  • Lemon Maya Mist

The process is easy & fun. First, I took the rings off the album. Then, I dipped each canvas page into water. While the canvas was wet, I sprayed it with the Blue Maya Mist and the Purple Maya Mist. The wet canvas encouraged the mists to mix and fade out as the ink moved down the page. I loved the ombre look it was giving me! I worked quickly & did each page, and set them aside to dry. When they were dry, I used one of the Super Nova Chipboard star shapes as a mask, and sprayed the Lemon Maya Mist over it on each page. Those same chipboard shapes show up later in my album as decorative elements. Simple & easy!! The wings are from the clear acrylic wing keychain...I just painted one side of them and edged them in permanent black ink.

These canvas albums are many fun possibilities!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!


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