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Hi Roadies,

the silly season is upon us; the tree is  decorated , the cards are done, presents are wrapped, ham is in the fridge waiting to be cooked... just a  last minute dash to the shops and I am done... well almost.

I have always been a traditional type of person with Christmas. As my kids where growing up we would always make sure on christmas eve we would take time to put a snack out for santa and the reindeers for all there hard work. And they would  write a thankful note to santa for what they are about to receive, and the other day I found there little wish lists to santa and there thankful notes. It brought back so many memories, the best present ever for me.

So it got me thinking, my little neice was under my care at the time so we decided to make a snack box for Santa then after christmas her mum can store her little notes to santa for years to come. 

And the best part we where making more family traditions and memories.

A Snack 4 Santa

A Maya Road package tinHeart Chipboard ( circles for snowman)Velvet pleats,

Build a Snowman stamp ( hat)William Mini Chipboard Alpha Trinket Season Ribbons,

Vintage Findings pearl centres 

So what did she pack for Santa and the reindeers ?

ummm a staple diet.

So if you have spare hour before christmas day, grab the kids, a few supplies  and create memories. Looking back now I am ever so grateful.

So from Me (Angella)  to you Roadies, I wish you and your familes a Very Merry Safe Christmas 
May it be blessed with traditions, Family and friends.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas !

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