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Happy Summer, everyone!  Stacy Cohen here with you today.  Are you a 1-page scrapper or a 2-page scrapper?  Maybe you’re like me and you do both.  I usually prefer to create single page layouts, but sometimes I have a lot of photos or a longer story to tell, and a 2-page spread is warranted.  For me, 2-pagers can be a little more challenging design-wise.  Sometimes when I’m feeling creatively stumped, I’ll pull design inspiration from 1-page layouts.  Often the single page designs can be stretched and/or turned to fit beautifully on a double spread! Below is an example.

Here is a summer layout I created with the brand new gorgeous and jam-packed SCT Delivered Summer “Picnic in the Park” Layout Kit (available to order now!) 

To modify this design for a double page layout,  I simply rotated the design counterclockwise 90 degrees, stretched out the paper strip rows, and added more photos.  

I had fun creating the column of colorful paper strips with coordinating embellishments on the first layout, so I created a somewhat different version of this design idea on my second layout.   On both layouts I used 3D adhesive on every other paper strip to create dimension.  

So next time you’re feeling a little stuck when creating a double pager, try modifying a single page layout or sketch! 

Stacy Cohen

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