Spool Bracelet And A Puffy Heart Keychain

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I'm always looking for little projects for my 12 year old daughter to do during the summer and I've come up with a couple that are simple and fun!

The first is a Maya Road Wood Mini Spool Bracelet!


Maya Road Wood Mini Spools


Elastic Cord

1.  Cut a piece of elastic cord to you required length...I made a fist and measured the elastic around the largest section.

2.  Thread on the Mini Spools and beads.  When completed tie several knots.

The next is an Puffy Embroidered Key Chain using a Maya Road Canvas Heart.


Maya Road Heart Canvas Coaster Album

Maya Road Trinket Beads - Birds of a Feather


Embroidery Thread and Needle


Small Safety Pins

Ball Chain

1.  Remove the stitching from around the canvas heart.

2.  Using a pencil draw out a design on the heart.

3.  Using a back stitch embroider your design.  Attached a few Maya Road Trinket Bird Beads with tiny safety pins.

4.  Begin to straight stitch around your heart and stop when you have a couple of inches left.  Fill with stuffing and stitch up the remainder of canvas heart.

5.  Add a ball chain and your keys!

Happy Summer!


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