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Hi Roadies!  I have wanted to try covering my chipboard pieces with felt for some time now.  In this project I took it one step further and filled the felt covered chipboard with batting, for a  3D look?  Here's what I ended up with, a silly monster sign to welcome all the "Trick or Treaters" who come to our door! :)

Here's a sample piece of chipboard being covered with felt then filled with the batting.

  1. Start by cutting your felt slightly larger than your chipboard piece. Cut small slits all the way around the felt. Apply glue around the edge of the chipboard (Leave about an inch free of glue so you can add the batting.) Adhere the edges of the felt to the chipboard.
  2. Flip the chipboard over and begin adding small pieces of batting into the opening. Use a file or pencil to help push the batting into all of the corners of your piece.
  3. Close up the opening of your piece with glue.

Below you can see how the top section of the monster's head was created using the same method in the sample.   Since only lower section of the page will be seen on this project, only that section was covered with felt and filled with batting.  I added a chipboard petal for a tooth then glued the two pieces together.

 The nose was also done the same way as the sample. To make the sign I pieced two long chipboard pages together then covered them with patterned paper.

Before I go, here are a few close up's of the sign.

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Have a Happy Halloween, Roadies!


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