Caroline Lau

Growing up, one of the crafts that I did in middle and high school was sewing. I can still remember 7th grade home ec where we got graded on a pillow we had to make. I am not sure why but I made a hamburger pillow (complete with felt lettuce, pickles and meat that I had to embroider onto the pillow). I am happy to report I got an A on that project.

I also remember in high school scouring fabric stores because I had this pattern where I could make some pretty cute shorts for 1 yard of fabric.

Nowadays, I don't sew as much anymore. I do plan on getting back to it some day especially since I have a cute Hello Kitty sewing machine now. It is the time issue more than anything.

The other night I was feeling like I needed to create something and so I decided to "dress" our new dress form album - check it out:

Using some cute papers, I created a dress complete with a neat belt . I plan on turning this into a card in the near future.

Along with this dress, I used up my scraps to create this card:

The flower was hand cut and then i folded it til I got the petals to hold its shape. You could also do the same thing using a punched out flower. I decorated the flower with some Maya Trinket buttons, 1" White Ink Pad and some of our Borders Chipboard. I try always to use up my scraps from projects to make little cards to keep around in case I need some for any occasion. I keep a tote in my desk with all my little cards.

I was able to complete both of these projects in under 1 hour which is way less time than actual sewing. Now that I have a little girl, I plan on making some cute dresses and skirts for her.

- Caroline

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