Ribbon Tree

Maya Road | Maya Road

•Styrofoam Cone
•Maya Road Trinkets Ribbon
•Maya Road Sequin Trim, white and red
•Maya Road Croquet Trim, ecru
•star punch, paper, tooth pick and glue

1. Collect your supplies, trim approximately 100 pieces of Maya Road trinkets ribbon to measure 3 inches long.

2.  Wrap two layers of Maya Road trinkets ribbon on around base of Styrofoam cone and pin into place.

3.  Fold a piece of ribbon in half and pin into place .  Continue to pin ribbon into place around cone and then repeat with a second layer.

4.  Apply a bead of glue from your hot glue gun around second layer of ribbon and attach Maya Road crochet trim.  Apply a bead of glue from your hot glue gun around crochet trim and attach red Maya Road sequin trim. 

5.  On top of the red sequin trim attach white sequin trim using your hot glue gun to finish off this layer glue gun a strip of Maya Road trinkets ribbon.

6.  Pin two more layers of folded ribbon to your Styrofoam cone and hot glue two layers of croquet trim, red sequins and trinkets ribbon.

7.  Add one more layer of folded ribbon and then to complete your tree hot glue gun croquet trim and red sequin trim to the top.

8.  For tree star tree topper, punch two stars out of your favorite paper.  On the wrong side of your star apply glue and place a tooth pick in the centre.  Attach your second star on top...so it looks like a toothpick sandwich.
Stick toothpick star in the top...and you are done :)
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