Power In The Petal

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Searching around Pinterest I spied some amazing artwork by Thomas Campbell and was instantly inspired.  I had to make a pinwheel flower!  The different textures and colours of Maya Road ribbons and trims make a perfect combination for these blooms.


8 X 8 Maya Road Binder

Ribbon and Trim Assortment from Maya Road

adhesive, scissors, petal template, cardstock


1.  Print template.  Trace 11 petals onto cardstock and cut out. 

2.  Adhere ribbon to petals...

back view...

3.  Trim off excess ribbon.

4.  Repeat with other petals.

5.  Attach petals in a circular pattern onto a scrap piece of cardstock.

You can either leave the flower as is or add lots of fun stitching.  I used mine to decorate the front of a Maya Road 8 X 8 binder album.

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