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If you are new to planners and planning, I thought it would be great to share some ideas and tips this month on “planner decor”.  For those of you who are seasoned planners…then hopefully this post will reignite a creative fire within you to dig into your stash and start using up some of those products that have just been waiting for their chance to make it into your pages.

This month I want to talk about three of my favourite “must have’s” when it comes to getting “creative” with my planner. That is not to say that I do not incorporate many other ideas, products or techniques…but these are definitely my “go to” items that you will always find on my workspace when it comes to my planner.

My Planner “MUST-HAVE’S”

  1. Washi Tape

    Hands down, I am Washi tape obsessed.  I love all of the cute colors, patterns and phrases that are available.  Washi tape is not only a great way to adhere items into your planner (such as photos, notes, cards, memorabilia etc.) but it is decorative in and of itself.  Sometimes if I come across a blank space in my planner, or just need an extra touch or accent a strip of washi is all it needs.  Super simple, and so fun!

    1. Stamps

    I absolutely LOVE stamps!  And stamping in planners? Hello!!!  Stamps are such an amazing and easy way to add decorative elements into your pages.  I love to add stamping into my calendar and use stamping to serve as journaling prompts.  I love to stamp on photos.  I love to use stamps to add dates and fun accents.  Stamps are such a great investment.  They can be used again and again.  I find when it comes to stamping, you must use a high quality ink to achieve the best results.  My favourite are archival inks.  They work amazing and stamp images beautifully.

    1. Stickers

    Ever since I can remember, I had sticker albums as a child.  To this day, I am still as obsessed and in love with stickers than ever before.  Pair them inside my memory planner and I am one happy girl.  There are so many different stickers out there these days and they are a perfect match for planners.  I love to use stickers in my planner mainly for decorative purposes.  I love how stickers make it so easy to embellish a page, or add that bit of pretty when you are needing it.  I love how they look on my calendar and how fun they are to mix and match.

    March has been such a busy and full month for me, So this is a great opportunity to demonstrate and show just how awesome these 3 must have products are in pulling together stories and memories.  Simple, and achievable.  Who doesn’t love that?

    On my cover divider page this month, I really wanted to emphasize this awesome quote.  So here I used some gold washi and used it to underline a few words.  I love this simple, yet profound effect.

    I incorporated a transparency divider this month in my planner.

    I love the message and the layering it provides. So fun.

    I loved to add stickers, washi and stamping to my “dashboard” page this month.  I not only used washi to adhere elements, but I also used washi to create a sticker.  I simply used a star punch with my rose gold washi to create that gold star. So fun, right?!?

    My calendar this month saw a lot of my favourite “go to” products.  I loved using stamping this month to add to my month title.  I also loved adding some stamping within my calendar to incorporate more words and titles.  Washi is always fun as decor pieces on a calendar.  Stickers work great as fun accents and embellishments.  Especially to note and recognize special occasions.

    Now a look into my planner pages this month:

    I really love to mix and match stickers, washi and stamps together.  They are so versatile.

    I find stamps are really great tools to use as "jumping off" points for journaling.  Sometimes it is hard to find the words, but with stamps they really provide that little push in order to get the words flowing and story documented.  I find my stamps really help to get me to record the words.

    I loved adding stickers onto my photo collage this month.

    Stickers are also super fun to add to instax photos. 

    And there you have it! Almost all of March wrapped up in these pages and photos of mine.

    I hope that you are inspired to dig into your stash and get using some of the supplies you have had on hand for a while.  I know we all have them!  I am hoping too that after sharing my tips this month that this post has perhaps given life back to your stamp collections as well.  They are amazing tools!  Use and enjoy them.  They are perfect for planners.  

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.  I am really looking forward to sharing my journey in April with all of you next month.  Cheers to sunshine, spring days and documenting! See you then!

    ~ Lindsay Bateman

    Instagram: @lindsaybateman


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