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Hello everybody! Welcome back to a brand new Memory Planner recap month post.  I will honestly say this every month I am sure….but WHERE has the time gone?  I cannot believe we are already recapping April.  I sure do hope the signs of Spring have found you.

The month of April is a super BUSY month in my family.  There are birthday’s galore…and on top of that just everything else that seems to find itself in our laps.  But we are grateful, happy and healthy.  Could not really ask for much more these days.

This month, I want to talk about one of my favourite tools and how I use it in my Memory Planner.  It is called the Heidi Swapp MINC.  For some of you, you may already be familiar with the machine (and loving it!) for others…this may be new to you, so welcome!  I hope that my love for this tool inspires you to give it a try in your own projects. 

The MINC machine (which stands for Metallic Incorporated) is a DIY foiling machine.

What this machine allows you to do is create gorgeous metallic foiled touches to your personal projects.  When using this machine (along with the MINC heat reactive specialty foils and either a laser or toner print) you are able to achieve gorgeous foiled effects.

This month, I used the MINC to add foil to quotes and printables that I wanted to include in my planner.  The printables that I used in my planner this month were made available on Heidi Swapp’s blog a few weeks back.  Those printables can be found in Heidi's post here.  I hope you download, print and MINC a few for yourself...or for others!  They make gorgeous gifts too!

I created a video demonstration below so you can see for yourself just how awesome (and easy) the MINC machine is to use and how incredible it’s results are.

Isn’t it just the coolest thing ever?  Honestly, the reveals never get old. Especially when playing with all of the different foil colours.  Endless possibilities!

OK, so now that you are familiar with how the machine works…let me show you the rest of how my my Memory Planner unfolded this month!

I loved this post card I picked up from Kate Spade on a recent visit.  I wanted to include it in my planner this month so I simply punched 2 holes and popped it in.

Here is the quote from the video I shared.  Simply typed out on my computer and printed out with my laser printer.  The laser printer I have (that is awesome and is the one Heidi personally uses) is an HP Laser Jet P1102w.  It works beautifully with the MINC and is very inexpensive.  I think I paid around $100 for my printer from Staples.

This month's calendar pages.  One of my personal goals is still to work towards filling in this calendar month more! 

Photo grid for the win.  I just love photo grids!  I actually used this page to cover up a blank planner page since this month only began on a Friday.  I love how it looks in my planner and is a great way to cover up those pesky blank spaces!

Here you can see how I added one of the MINC custom prints into my planner closer.  To be honest, I did not fill in this page when I should...and then when it came to remembering, guess what! I could not remember what I wanted to note!  So instead I simply added this printable onto my page.  I love the variety it adds.  Plus...that metallic shine. It's just gorgeous.

Instax photos are still going strong.  I love using these photos in my planner.  They are the cutest.

Another printable I used the MINC on.  I love how this one looks.  I love the color of this foil...PLUS trimming it out and adding it onto my page makes it look like one huge sticker.  It turned out beautifully.  So fun to use printables in this way.

I included a transparent mini file folder this month.  I love how it adds variety to my page, plus it serves as extra room to add in more stuff.  I love how this frame and quote just pop against the black and white. So fun to play with embellishments and make things pretty!

More instax, some memories and notes.  Little things that otherwise slip by.  Love my Memory Planner for keeping all those little moments close.

As you can see...still a few things to be finished and completed.  I wanted to share this though because sometimes I do have blank spaces.  And it's OK!  Sometimes there is just nothing right at the moment that fits.  But I know I will come back to this and finish it.  Blank spaces are ok.  Never worry!  Just keep moving forward.

I am looking forward to next month...and especially the weather!  May is one of my favorite months and I look forward to creating and capturing what the month has in store for me and my little family.  See you back in a few weeks. XOXO

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