Party Hats And Straws

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"I’m so excited to be celebrating Scrapbook & Cards Today’s big 10th birthday!  What birthday celebration would be complete without party hats and fanciful straws?  I made some of these specially for SCT!

These were easy-peasy to make. 

  1. First, I found a downloadable party hat template on Pinterest.  Tip: Just search “party hat template” within Pinterest or do a broader online search of this phrase, and many options will come up. I printed a party hat template and then gathered some festive patterned paper.

  1. I cut the hat template from the patterned paper, then I rolled up the hats and glued the edges.

  1. Next I decorated the hats with fringed garland. I happened to have some pre-made fringe on hand, but you could easily make your own using a roll of crepe paper.  Just cut some slits along the edges and crumple it up a bit.

  1. I then used some strips of striped patterned paper to create accordion rosettes.  I used a rosette steel die to cut out the accordion strip, but these are also easy to cut and fold without any special cutting tool.

  1. I adorned each rosette with a button center, then I added the completed rosettes to the hats.  I made extra rosettes to decorate some colorful straws.

Happy Birthday, SCT!  I can’t wait to see all the inspiring projects you have in store for us during the next 10 years!" ~ Stacy Cohen

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