Paper Pom Poms

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I have a thing for tissue paper flowers!  I make them for birthday parties, Grad parties and mini ones to decorate gifts!  Tissue is inexpensive and comes in a rainbow of colors so it makes for the perfect material!  

Here are a few super simple steps to help you create these pom moms of fun!!!

Gather some pretty tissue paper.

Make sure to layer 7+ sheets of tissue

Fold the papers in 1”-1 1/2” folds “accordion” style.

Secure the folded tissue in the centre with twine, floral wire or a pipe cleaner and round the ends with scissors.

Separate and gently pull the tissue towards the centre.  Fluff as you go.  I like to work on one side at a time.

Tada!!! You have a lovely pom pom tissue flower!!!

You may have seen these a time or two in a few of my photos…

Can’t wait to see how you use tissue flowers to decorate at your next celebration!!!  Happy crafting!!!" ~ Vicki Boutin

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