Nightmare Before Christmas Clay Creation

Serena G | Mondoinundito
I thought I would try something that's definitely out from my comfort zone: a 3D setting inspired by Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas". 

But let's go back to the beginning: Activa Products has sent me Hearty clay and Color Plus to try out. As you may know, I mainly work with polymer clay, so it's been really interesting to try something different and new, such as Air dry clay is to me.

What I can say about Hearty air dry clay is that it is extremely soft, fluffy and light. It is perfect to create any kind of sweets but, in my opinion, it is very good to create magical landscapes/settings too and that's exactly what I did. Take a look at this work in progress!

So, to make the smaller hills, the trees on the very background and the sky (yeah, the sky) I used the Hearty air dry clay:

The technique is really simple: grab the clay, add the acrylic color you like/need and mix everything until you get the uniform color you're looking for. If the clay becomes too dry in the process, just add water and it will return soft and smooth. The time it takes to dry may change according to the humidity you have in the room but for my experience, it was really hard to work with/apply changes after and hour and definitely dry after 5/6 hours.

Another thing I really appreciated is that this clay is super easy to texture, which means you can get multiple and different effects according to what you need. Last but not least, both clays I received from Activa Products are perfect to be colored with acrylics (which is exactly what I did here: there is a "background color" and then i made everything uniform by adding the colors I wanted to after the clay had dried.)

I used Color Plus air dry clay to make tiny details and the hill where Jack walks on. This type of clay is a little bit less soft than the Hearty one, so it's been way easier for me to make the tiny details (such as the pumpkins).

If you're looking for an amazing and huge variety of clay products, I suggest checking Activa products website out,HERE. They also are on Instagram, if you prefer!

If you want to see part of the process, you can check my YouTube out below.

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