Merry Banner

Katrina Hunt | Maya Road

Creating banners is a fun way to add touches of the holidays or seasons to your home.  This is a fairly simple banner, but makes a statement with some black and gold accents.

Start with a basic design for each piece and then add and subtract embellishments from there.  My starting point for this banner was the word first and then the placement of the colors for each banner piece.

This would have looked just as cute with the word "joy" and just using the red/white/black banner pieces. Once you make a few of these, you get quicker at figuring out the direction you want to go!

It's also a great way to use up some old supplies that are sitting around!  I had those paper stars on the "r" banner piece since I started scrapbooking back in 2009!

Add small touches to each piece of the banner and I even added ribbon bows between each banner piece.

Bonus about banners, they don't take up much room to store!  And if you think ahead, you could probably make them double sided and use them for two holidays or occasions!!

Paper, Scissors and Glue

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