Maya Road Stamps Storage Album

Shelley Haganman

I LOVE my Maya Road stamps but lately I was having a difficult time keeping track of them. Many of them are small or have small parts that coordinate with the other larger stamps. And then I had an epiphany...(acrylic + clear stamps=perfect storage)! I am going to share with you how I solved my little problem and it involves my love for everything acrylic!!

First you will need a Maya Road's acrylic 5-ringed round tabbed book, your Maya Road stamps, and some patterned paper, chipboard, and other embellishments (I used Maya Road Kraft Journaling Cards and David chipboard letters)

First I cut 5 pieces of thin chipboard to a 6x6 size and covered them with patterned paper. Punch holes to fit in album. I used these pieces so the stamps would not become stuck to the acrylic pages that preceded them. Plus,it just adds some cuteness to the album. Now you are ready to add your stamps. What I love about this idea is that you can use both sides of the acrylic pages to mount your clear stamps. Now all my Maya Road stamps are in one place, they are in a WAY cute album, and they are at my fingertips when I am ready to use them!

Happy stamping!! Shelley Haganman

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