Maya Road Fabric Tags

Shelley Haganman

When Maya Road came out with canvas items I was overjoyed!! I love to blend fabrics into my projects whenever I can. When I first got my canvas tags I knew I wanted to do something different with it. So with a little bit of fabric and some great Maya Road trim I created a great way to carry your Ipod or glasses inside your purse! This is a no-sew project!!

Here's what you will need:

Maya Road canvas tags (x2)

Maya Road trim and trim

Some fabric scraps


First take one fabric tag and cut a piece 4.5x4 inches long. On the 4 inch side make a small fold and glue with Fabri-tac. This just gives the top of your "pocket" a finished look. Do the same with your fabric for the second tag. I used different but coordinating fabrics on the second tag. Now, with the folded part at the top (don't glue this part...this is your "pocket") place your fabric on top of your tag and wrap and glue to backside of tag. Now you have your pocket. Add trim. Follow same directions to the second tag. When done with trim on second tag glue your two tags, backside together. Now you have a double holder for eyeglasses, Ipods, phones, etc.!!

Happy creating!!!! Shelley Haganman  

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