Maya Road Acrylic....take 2!

Shelley Haganman

Today I am going to share 2 more of my favorite ways to work with Maya Road's acrylic products. First I will show you how I got this very cool "watery" look on my  3x3 Maya Road acrylic album. 

Project 1: Acrylic and Alcohol Inks

Supplies you will need:

Maya Road 3x3 acrylic album (or any sized acrylic album or item) Alcohol inks ( blender solution if you want to change something or you  get it where you don't and it!), a cotton pad.

First remove the protective coating from the album. Next, apply a small amount of alcohol ink to your cotton pad. Now just dot your pad all over the acrylic. (For a more uniform and not so "spotty" look just make nice vertical or horizontal swipes with your pad) Let it dry and viola... a colored acrylic page!
Another idea if you don't want to have the whole page colored is to take a Q-tip and just swab the edges of the acrylic. It gives your page just a hint of color.

Project 2: Acrylic and Modge Podge

Supplies you will need:

Maya Road acrylic album, tissue paper, Modge Podge and a brush.

First you will need to cut or tear the color of tissue paper you are going to use. For this one I cut the paper because I wanted it to look like waves of water. (For the butterfly album I just tore pieces) Next, working in small increments, paint the Modge Podge(MP) onto the acrylic, add your tissue paper, and then give it another coat of MP. I chose to overlap my pieces to give depth to the color. Let dry and then trim edges.

On this album I chose to MP just the front covers so I did it on the INSIDE of the page. This way the outer part of the front cover is smooth with the MP side on the inside.

I truly love Maya Road's acrylic products and I hope you will try these techniques! Thanks for stopping by!  Shelley Haganman

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