Maya Mists And White Rubons

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Here is a fun, simple idea for you to try with your Maya Mists. I'm sure you have some white rub-ons in your stash--perhaps you used one of the images on the sheet but still have a bunch left over. Get them out, grab your Maya Mist and a white sheet of cardstock, and follow these instructions to make some magic!

1. Rub your white rub-ons onto the white cardstock. I used the Maya scroll rubs--they're just so gorgeous!

2. Take your Maya Mist and spray right over the rub-ons. The ink will soak into the cardstock, but the rub-ons will resist the ink. When you're done spraying, blot the extra ink up off the rub-ons with paper towels. The colorful ink makes the rub-ons really pop! To really add some wow factor, use 2 colors of ink. Let the piece dry, and use it in your crafting.

I made this simple card with mine--and I think the purple scroll piece would look awesome as the cover on a mini book. So elegant and easy!

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