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I have been wanting to use our Maya Mists in a different way than I have done in the past. I am all about Maya Mist with our chipboard because the coverage is so amazing but I wanted to see what I could do if I applied our Maya Mist onto paper flowers.

The one thing about our mists is that they give pretty sweet full coverage - the color is strong and the shimmer of the metallic ones are strong. That is because we use a lot of the pigment in the formulation (more pigment = less watercolor effect) - this allows the coverage on our chipboard to be intense and complete.

But with the help of some water, you can also use our Maya Mists to turn white paper flowers into the picture you see here.

Here are the products and steps I used to create this effect:

1. Maya Mist in Seafoam and Orange Sherbet

2. Paper Flowers

3. Maya Road wooden bingo markers

4. Newspaper, sandpaper, adhesive and a handy bowl of water

Start by dipping the flowers in the water. Pat on the newspaper to dry a bit.

Next do 2 light sprays of the seafoam mist (about 8" away) on the flowers. If the color is too intense, dip the flowers in the water again to soften and allow to move and "dye the flowers"

Repeat for 2 more flowers. Add a spritz of the orange sherbet mist if desired. Again dip in water to soften the color.

If you have any other flowers that are just white, flip them on the flowers that are not yet dried. Allow the color to transfer onto the white flower and dye it too.

Let the flowers dry. Then shape and layer as desired. Glue together.

Sand the bingo number and adhere - now you have the perfect embellishment!

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