Kraft Doilie Flowers

Caroline Lau

So one of my most favorite Kraft items is our Kraft Doilies. Love them. Love the size and the designs:

Just wait til you see what you can make with them! How about some fabulous 3d flowers like this:

If you can believe it you only need 5 items to make this - and one of the items is something we have coming out at CHA-W which will be ready in early February.

Here is a list:

1. Kraft doilies

2. Pearl Centers

3. Scissors

4. Adhesive

5. Our new Chipboard Doilie Flowers 

Now for number 5 you might be wondering what that is - what we did is take our kraft doile shapes and turned them into chipboard for this upcoming tradeshow.

These shapes allow you to turn any of the kraft doilies into kraft chipboard ones. Like this:

So it gives your kraft a nice dimension! But you can also use it without the kraft by just decorating them with patterned papers or mists and layering them together to create fabulous flowers (more on that in a different post soon) - for now, we are going to use them to make our kraft doilie flowers. You will need these. Trust me. And they will be here by early February.

Start off with your kraft and pearl centers. My pearl centers were adhesive til my 4 year old got a hold of them and created this pile:

Next choose 3 sizes of the kraft doilies. For the bottom layer, glue a kraft doilie into a chipboard piece that corresponds to it.

Next take the middle size doilie and cut it like this:

Now fold up the edges and glue it to the big doilie you had put on chipboard:

You will do the same thing for the smallest doilie:

Now layer them and glue in place:

Add a pearl and you are done!

You can see for the middle flower how I varied it a bit by layering the smallest doilie onto chipboard. So simple.

What a pretty neat way to make some embellishments for your layouts and projects!


- Caroline

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