Kiki The Bunny Polymer Clay Pendant

Deborah Liu | Mommy School

I found these cabochon pendants at the store the other day, and I thought it would be fun to make something with the girls.  I gave them a choice.  We could make a clay pendant or a drawing one.  They both chose clay.  So I spent an hour teaching them some techniques.  


Arrange Supplies: 

  • Put together all of your colors and pieces of clay so that you are set to start.  

Setting the Stage: 

  • Press down the blue clay into the base.
  • Smooth it down, but be careful not to allow the clay to overflow onto the edge.  
  • It is okay to keep it a bit rough to allow it to feel a bit handmade.   

Bunny Body: 

  • Press two teardrop shaped feet onto the bottom. 
  • Press a triangle of pink to make the dress.  Add a light pink sash if you want. 
  • Add two arms which are longer tear drop shapes.  

Bunny Ears: 

  • Create two teardrop shaped ears. 
  • Press a smaller amount of teardrop shaped clay onto it.  The head will cover most of it, so don't worry if it is a bit messy.  
  • Press the ears onto the blue clay.  

Bunny Face: 

  • Press a oval shaped disc over the bunny ears.  
  • Press a bit of dark brown on as a nose.    

Baking / Finishing: 

  • Bake at 275 degrees F for 15 minutes.  Remove and allow to cool.
  • If needed, put a tiny bit of super glue on the edge to make sure the clay does not fall out.  
  • Add a tiny bit of blush with a q-tip.  
  • Draw a couple whiskers and eyelashes onto the bunny.  

And you have a pretty little pendant! 

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