Inspired By Fall Home Decor

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I was in the mood to create something with the colors of Fall, and I remembered that I have in my stash a good supply of Pearl Ex powder. Pearl Ex is a powdered pigment that is super shimmery. I decided to make some shimmery Fall trees to remind myself how beautiful this season is (in other parts of the world).


1. Pearl Ex is a loose powder, so you have to find a way to bind it to your project. There are many ways to bind it (glue, Versamark ink, etc.). I decided to paint my tree tops yellow and then press the powder into the wet paint. As the paint dries, it will act like glue and will bind the powder to the project.

2. While the paint is still wet, take a dry brush and dab some Pearl Ex onto the chipboard.

3. Repeat step 2 by adding 2 more colors of Pearl Ex. Isn't the shimmer just gorgeous?

4. Tap off excess powder and set the chipboard aside to let the paint dry. When the paint is dry, paint your tree trunks and use your gorgeous, shimmery trees on a layout or mini book! I made a quick wall hanging from a page from the Gears Coaster Album and some random collage papers I had on my desk.

While I was digging out my Pearl Ex, I found my old scrapbooking I wrapped some of the wire around my finished trees.  I do so love Fall!

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