I Carry Your Heart With Me

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I rarely ever make mini albums anymore. During 2009, I loved making mini albums and made so many of them that they filled up my shelves and I decided I could not do one more minibook because I had nowhere to put them. I think I was just tired of making them. 

That was until Caroline asked me if I would create with the new canvas album. She knew canvas is my weakness. I just absolutely adore playing with it. So I relented.

I decided wanted to make this album just for fun. Not to preserve a birthday or a trip, but just to get to play with paint and texture and art. So I chose one of my favorite poems and created this album:

I misted the cover of the canvas album and then misted two pages of the heart canvas album and stitched them to the canvas cover. A few alphas and my cover was done.

I covered the inside of the album with some washi tape and then sprayed all the canvas pages and stitched around them. I then wrote a line of the poem on each mini kraft tag and attached one to each of my pages.

Here are all the other pages:

For the chipboard pages, I stitched on the paper first and then glued it to the chipboard.

I tried not to think about all the details so much. Just wrote my tags, put the twine and then had fun with the rest of the page. Just put down the little bits and pieces I loved.

And, of course, it's most important to give credit where credit is due and I wanted to make sure to honor the amazing poet.

And there you go, my first mini in a long, long time. I hope you enjoyed it.

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