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Hello Everyone.  I wanted to show you how versitile the maya mists are when working with any of the canvas items.   I have three different mini tutorials for you, making each heart unique.

For the hearts, you will need:

Lay your first heart on the non-stick craft mat or wax paper.  Take a piece of masking tape and tear it down the middle creating a rough edge.  Tape down a scrap piece of paper with the rough edge of the masking tape on the heart canvas.

Spray your first layer of mists.  Here i am using Fig Magenta, a bright beautiful color that really pops.  You can coat a little or a lot depending on your tastes. 

Flip the paper & tape so it covers the fig magenta.  Next add another piece of ripped masking tape & paper to cover the bottom 1/3rd of the heart.  You basically want a little bit of the canvas middle exposed.  

Flip the paper again so it covers the top 2/3rds of the heart and spray your last mist.  Once you are done you can heat set the mist with a heat gun.  Not only does it lock in the color but it also helps with drying time.

I love how bold & bright this heart is with the color fading on the right side.

You already have these gorgeous colors on the craft mat so why not use them.  Add in a few spritzs of color if you need too along with a few mists of water.  By adding water to the mists it gives them that cool watercolor look. Be careful when you mix complimentary colors on the mat or you will end up with a muddy. 

Take your canvas heart and pat it down in the colors.  You can use your hands and really smoosh the canvas into the mists or lightly pat the heart. 

I love how the pink & green mixed together for just a touch of the brown but it wasn't the whole background.  I didn't want the complimentary colors too close together so I sprayed the pink at the top and the green at the bottom.  If you want to add in more colors, simply spray and smoosh again. 

For this last heart, I opened up the lid and drew a few lines on the mat with the spray nozzle tube.  You can add in a little drops of colors too.  Just doodle a bit with the nozzles.

Place the canvas heart into your doodle lines again patting the back of the canvas so it picks up the mists.

I thought the heart could use a bit more color so I sprayed some yellow from up high so it lightly misted the heart.

I dipped a small paint brush into the mists and painted around the edge to finish off this heart.

Heart number three is complete.  I knew all along that one of these hearts would end up on a layout.  Now which one to pick?

Number 1?

Number 2?

Number 3?

Decisions decisions.

I had just one on there but it looked so lonely i added the second heart.  Don't worry, i will find some place to use the third heart. 

other maya supplies found on the layout

  • Leaf Pin
  • Pink Gingham Flower
  • Kraft Envelope
  • Black Ledger Transparencies
  • Satin Posies
  • Lace Daisy Trim

Have fun getting inky!


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