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Hello everyone!! This is my first post on the Maya Road DT Blog and I am so excited to be here!!

I wanted to share with you this project I made a while ago. This little minibook combines the canvas pocket binder album and the canvas tag album. I wanted to make myself a little reminder that happiness is a mindset and I wanted my album to be really happy-looking. So I painted the cover and each page with bright colors.

I also printed several of my favorite quotes on happiness and put one on each page. I filled some of the pages with fabric hand-made embellishments. 

and used my stash of mini chipboard sets on the other pages.

I don't tend to use paint, bling, or flowers on my layouts but on projects like this, I use them to my heart's content. 

Here's a different perspective on the finished album. You can see how all the pages are different and colorful.

And I made sure to add the reminder in the back as well. These doilies and kraft tickets are some of my all-time favorite Maya Road products. I am in love with pretty much the entire kraft collection. 

You can see the entire album here.  

I don't really make mini albums anymore but, once in a while, I will sit and do a fun project like this. It's a great way to play, try out new ideas, and use my stash. If you feel creatively stuck, I highly recommend sitting with a small minibook and just having fun.

Thanks so much for letting me share my book with you and if you've done a fun project "just for you" I would love to see it so please leave a link with it in the comments!

Have a great day!

Karen Grunberg

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