Handmade Birthday Card

Susan Wu | FPT Gift Box

This is my first (of hopefully many more) post on Maker Heart! 

I have two kids and we get invited to birthday parties all the time. At $4-5 per Hallmark card, the cost of buying birthday cards can really add up!  So we started making our own simple and fun to make birthday cards using just a few craft supplies.

What you need:

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  1. Select a color for your card.
  2. Use a paper trimmer, xacto knife, or scissors to cut one cardstock paper in half. Then fold the paper in half.

  3. Use the 'happy birthday' punch on the top of the card.

  4. Use the 'birthday cake' punch on a different cardstock paper. 

  5. Cut the birthday cake to match the width of the card, then glue it onto the card.

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