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I have become a big Maya Mist fan.

A quick way to color and cover chipboard but I got hooked on the richness of the Mist colors.

Sometimes I need a sample of the color sprayed on chipboard to use as I am working on my projects.

I used the extra tag that comes with some of the Maya Road products to make a little swatch color book. 

 Much the same as a decorator would use a paint sample book, I use my Maya Mist sample book.  Except mine is tiny (click on the picture to see it in much bigger than life form!!).

Colors L to R (pink grapefruit, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy Cherry, Sunflower Yellow, Lemon, Cream, Hydrangea, Dark Cornflower, Blue, lime, Avocado, teal, Blue Raspberry, Silver and Gold.)

Aren't the metallics beautiful?

I can just hold my little swatch piece to my project and find the right color.  I write the name on the back in pencil.

For store owners or anyone who wants a visual display of the colors, another good way to display the Mists is to create plain white fabric Cabbage Roses.  I ended up mounting these all on a canvas to display at an event that was selling Maya Mists.  It was a great way to display the colors. 

Just a couple of ideas to help you pick out your colors easier.  I need a visual of what the color will look like with my project, so the swatch idea works perfectly for me.  Plus then I don't forget what color of Mists that I own. 

Have a great day and Happy Creating!

~Katie Watson

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