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Hi Roadies,

This is a project that I did a while ago for the CHA Summer show.  With Christmas just over a month away, I thought this would be a good time to share how it was done.  But remember, even if you don't have time to get one of these done for this season, the angel can easily be adapted to fit any time of year.

I'm showing the bare construction  of the angel first,  as I think it's a little easier to see all the parts used in the piece.

In the first picture below you can see how the Christmas Tree Layer Book was turned on it's side and then cut.

The second photo shows,  I moved the two pages on the left down slightly then added wings, a border to the dress and half circles for the shoes.  For the shoe on the right I used three layers of chipboard.

The last photo shows the head (3 layers of chipboard) and arms, all from the Supernova Chipboard Set.  Also another layer of smaller wings.

After covering all these chipboard pieces with your choice of patterned papers, piece them together and adhere them to some raw chipboard. Cut the excess chipboard away.

You will notice in the photo above, the head, shoes and wings were pieced together in order that they would lay flat on the chipboard backing.  Here's an example of how that was done on the shoes.

Position your pieces how you want them to fit together. Trace the area that needs to be removed, then cut out that section out with a knife. 

Next, cover the last page of the album with patterned paper and add some Crochet Trim to the edge. Use paper strips to make layers for the angels dress. (To get the paper to pleat and  fold more easily,  apply Mod Podge to the back of each strip first.)  Adhere the pieces into place on the angel.

The sleeves were also made in a similar fashion. Applying the glue to the back of the paper and then shaping them to fit the arms. Glue the arms and sleeves together then adhere them to the angel.

Continue to embellish to dress of the angel as you wish. Use half a circle to create a collar for the dress. Add a punched border strip around the curved edge and a twine bow to the center.  The face (which is part of a street sign from the Road Rage Sign Set ) was then layered on top of the collar and embellished with a chipbord heart for the mouth and pearls (or gems) for the eyes.

Above, you can see how the halo was created out of a chipboard frame (from the Foundation Chipboard Set). The frame was wrapped in twine first, then a piece of wire was added.  Small leaves were stamped onto patterned paper, cut out and then attached around the halo. Use a piercing tool  to poke a hole in the top of the angels head.  Add adhesive to the end of the wire then insert it into the hole.

Next create a banner using  Mixed Mini Pennant Banner pieces, chipboard letters and ribbon and wire.  Use the piercing tool to make small holes in the angel's hands. Then thread the wire through the holes and knot in the back.

Hardware was attached in the back  of the angel then strands of twine were added for hanging.

Here are a few pictures of the finished angel.

 See you soon,


Other supplies:
Collage Press (original angel) and My Minds Eye (new angel) - Patterned paper
Ribbon scraps for the banner
Raw chipboard (to hold the angel together in the back)
Embroidery floss
Cardstock for hair and skin
Gems or pearls for the eyes

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