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I created this sweet and shabby banner for Ally Scraps and had so much fun with it...there is something I simply love and adore about creating on small surface areas...

Little canvases, or in this case, little banners, are so much fun to work with...they give you the opportunity to make each special and have its own personality...and the opportunity to use your favorite bits and scraps...and create little bits of beauty.

I began with the Maya Road Mixed Scallop Mini Triangle Banner Album.  Each of the scallop banners are painted with off-white acrylic paint and then sanded a bit to add some distressing.

Then each of the triangle banners are covered in coordinating bits and pieces of my favorite  papers.  I added machine stitching on some just to add more depth and character.

Then for the fun stuff...Maya Road Mini Chipboard Scrolls were painted, sanded, and coated with glitter and then added to a few of the banners...

Wings from the Maya Road Wings & Hearts Chipboard Set were painted, sanded, and covered in mica flakes and then added here and there...

Vintage Pearls Trinket Pins were added to the points of some of the banners to create a unique little touch...

And then of course, buttons, trims, gems, and all sorts of other goodies were added as toppings.  

I'm ready to make another one...truly a fun project.

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Melissa Phillips

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