Altered Gems

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Hi Roadies,

Have you tried altering MR's Trinket Beads?  They are gorgeous as is, but sometimes you just need an embellishment that matches your project perfectly.  Since I alter most things with patterned paper and paint, that's what I decided use on these..

In the samples below, you can see just a few of the different ways to alter your Trinket Beads. This is a more opaque look, but if you want to add color without loosing the transparency you can try using inks instead.   

In all of these examples the paint, rub-ons and paper are applied to the back of the beads.  That way you still get the pretty "gem" effect. Once you are done, you can coat the back with a sealer to keep it protected.

As you can see below altering the beads with patterned paper is very simple.  Just cut your paper a little bigger than the bead.  Apply glue to the back, then use a popsicle stick help apply the paper to the back. Gently sand around the edges of the bead to get rid of any excess paper. 

Have fun altering!


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