Acrylic Chalkboard Numbers Book

Shelley Haganman

This is a little album I made for CHA-S but didn't get it done in time. I am ready to share it now!

Supplies: MR Clear acrylic 5-ring round tabe book, MR Chicago and Philadelphia chipboard numbers, Maya Mist, fabric, Velcro, chalkboard paint, chalk, permanent marker, embossing powder (clear), acrylic paint, stamps, adhesive.

First I painted the cover of the album with chalkboard paint following the manufacturer's instructions. I used masking tape to tape off the cover to leave just a square of paint on the cover. Next, I used 3-D paint to make decorative dots. I then misted the chipboard numbers and adhered them onto the cover.

The next couple of pages hold the chipboard numbers. First I traced the outline of each number onto the acrylic page with a permanent marker. Next each number was painted, stamped on, and embossed with clear embossing enamel. After this I applied Velcro to the back of the number and onto the clear acrylic page.

The next two pages I painted the entire page with the chalkboard paint and applied the 3-D paint around the edges as well.  On one page I place two strips of Velcro onto the page to hold the numbers from previous pages. The chalkboard part allows the child to replicate the shape of the number. The next page I made a handmade fabric pocket and adhered it to the acrylic page by drilling two holes into the page and then placing brads through the fabric pocket and securing.This pocket holds the chalk. I then glued these two pages together.

The final page is simply a piece of fabric the width of the album and just folded at the bottom. I then glued the sides of the fabric to the acrylic on both sides and handstitched the edges. I thought this would make a great pocket for an eraser or flashcards.

To make the binder ring covers I simple cut two narrow strips of fabric and sewed them right sides together and then pulled them through and threaded them on the binder rings.

Thanks for stopping by! Shelley 

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