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Today we have a special guest designer post from Jamie Dougherty of Ramona, CA. She made a very unique Mailbox Piggy Bank using our Airmail Mail Box! Check out this sweet creation:

Here is some design information from Jamie:

This unique mailbox is a piggy bank!  The chipboard on this piece is thick enough to use Mists and paint on and it won't buckle or fall apart.  And it still is thin enough to cut and alter with ease.

Maya Road Air Mail Box

Patterned Papers





Wooden thread spools

Wood stain

Mirror for the base

Black and White Ink Pens

I stained the wood spools and glued them all on top of each other. Then I sanded the mirror in the center and glued the spools to the mirror. (Sanding gives the glass texture.) (Tip) to strengthen the stack of spools  use a wooden dowel down the center.

I then sprayed the Maya Road AirMail with Mists. Then you can cut a slit in the top of the mail box. The front flap fits tight enough to hold in money without popping open.  So it makes a cute little bank.

With the material the Air Mail Mail box is made out of you don't have to worry about it pilling and becoming messy. It was still smooth enough to doodle on.  

The flowers are made from the patterned papers.

You can save the album inside for a second project!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jamie!

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