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Justine Durrant

Rose is another talented designer from Instagram. She creates the most adorable tiny creations out of clay. I really love the colors that she uses and I am in love with her little creatures. I love that everything she makes is handmade and nothing comes from a mold, it makes her work that much more unique and special.

A word from the designer:

My name is Rose and I create tiny clay creatures for my shop called "Shymori". Shymori is a combination of the English word shy and the Japanese word "mori" which means forest. My creatures are inspired by the kawaii culture. They all come from my imagination and are 100% handmade without the use of molds. Their bodies are decorated with tiny ornaments, so small I use a needle to shape and fix them on. 

Even at a young age I wanted to be a graphic designer. So after high school I applied for a graphic design course at an arts academy. At the arts academy there wasn't any room for the "girly" and cute things I liked to create. At some points I felt really lost. I didn't know what I liked anymore or what I wanted to do. That is when I started Shymori. 

The idea of childlike playfulness and imagination are very important to me. If it was possible I would have wanted to be a child forever. It is essential to me that something is original, that something truly comes from my own imagination. Cuteness is also a theme that I pursue. I really love everything cute and fluffy! Pastel colours are really essential in my work as well as kindness and fragility. Those elements represent cuteness in my view. 

The kawaii style is a huge inspiration to me, Japanese design in general is. I love the playful, colourful and cute aesthetics of the style.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese items, even if it’s just a tissue box everything is cute! One day I would love to visit Japan.

I also find my inspiration in nature. The delicate forms and beautiful colour schemes of flowers give me a lot of ideas which I translate into my work. The shape of a snowflake, the lines of a leave or the patters on a butterfly wing there is endless inspiration to be found in nature. I love to take walks in forest to be alone with my thoughts for a while.

A word from the Maker Heart team:

Thank you so much Rose, for sharing your amazing little creatures with us. You are very talented and we wish you much luck for the future. 

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