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Justine Durrant

Another great polymer clay designer has graced our Maker Heart site. Jana is exceptionally talented and her clay bears are too cute for words! I love how she can turn anything into a bear, it's unique and can be quite comical too :-)

A word from the designer:

I first found out about Polymer clay and took an interest in it few years ago.  For a while I tried a few different ideas and it became an enjoyable hobby for me to do from time to time.  About October ’15 I really got into it a bit more after I first started using instagram and seeing what other people had been making, I was keen to be a part of it.

From trying it time to time I now do it as often as I can, as a stay at home mum of 2 young girls (Zoe 2 years and Leah just about to turn 1) and with taking my older son (Christopher 11) to all is representative sporting duties.  When Zoe became of age where she started to appreciate what mummy was doing and taking interest it spurred me on to try more and more new things.  I started posting my work on Instagram and quickly became part of a community of similar artists who were so supportive of me.  As the likes started to increase so did my confidence and my imagination started running wild with ideas.  The bear design has become my trademark (even though my favourite animal is the elephant, go figure haha).

My inspirations, beside my husband and family, are @bunnyxproductions, @littlelazies and @dacraftylilninja (all Instagram names).

The product I prefer to use is ‘Sculpey III’ and ‘Premo” mainly through personal preference nothing more specific than that.  My work is all hand made with no molds used and I do anything from character bears to special occasion bears that are custom ordered.  I would like to mention Laura (instagram: @blingit_laura) who has given me the confidence in my work through being my first (and then second) order.

A word from the Maker Heart team:

Thank you so much for sharing not only your talent, but also a bit of your life with us! Thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful work with our community of crafters. We hope to see more of your creations on Maker Heart in the future.

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Instagram: @polymerclay_by_jddesigns
Facebook: Polymerclay by JD Designs - Jana Dilworth

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