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Justine Durrant

Bec from Petal + Peach bakes the most beautiful masterpieces I have seen in a while. Her cakes are so stunning I would be afraid to eat it. If only we had the technology to taste through our screens, her goodies all look absolutely scrumptious!

A word from the Designer:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I love bright colours, fresh flowers and anything with gravy. I am a mumma to two beautiful girls, the wife of an encouraging man and a midwife. I also bake delicious cakes.

How did Petal & Peach come about?
I have always enjoyed baking and was encouraged by a friend to consider doing it as a business. I started an Instagram page so that I could build a portfolio and suddenly found myself getting enquiries from people I had never met. After lots of planning and preparations, Petal and Peach was officially launched in September 2015.
What inspires me?
I find inspiration literally everywhere.  I am a foodie at heart so spend a lot of my free time reading cook books and visiting cafes and restaurants to understand flavours and textures better.  I also love art, particularly abstract  watercolours and vibrant acrylic paintings.  I am fascinated by the way colours blend together in soft lines.
My two girls also inspire me, particularly my eldest who is turning three in June and wants a “polka dot elephant ballerina princess party”.  Her imagination knows no bounds!  Now to do that awesome theme justice!
Thank you again even for approaching me.  It is such an honour and kind hearted gesture.

A word from the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you for sharing your amazing cakes and bakes with us! We hope to taste one of your creations one day :-)

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