Get To Know: Mad Little Crafter

Justine Durrant

Megan is another fabulous Instagram find. I just loved how cute and different her work was. You don't see a whole lot of crochet work like hers these days, especially in a craft world of scrapbooking and polymer clay. 

A word from the Designer:

I'm Megan, just Meg for short. A 19 year old college student studying animation in Southern California.
I started amigurumi, or crochet plushies, in my sophomore year of high school kind of on a whim. I saw adorable chibis of my favorite show and t.v characters and wanted to make them. I had a basic knowledge of crochet from my grandma, but everything about amigurumi was completely self taught.

I'm hugely inspired by movies, tv, and books. Japan and anything that is considered 'Kawaii' is something I draw from as well. I enjoy making things in bright, happy colors.
To anyone starting crochet: Don't give up! It'll be a little tricky, but keep practicing. Once you get the hang of it you can do anything!

From the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you Megan, for sharing your wonderful world of crocheting with us. You have certainly inspired me to try this craft out! The projects you can make are endless. Good lick with your studies and we hope to see some more of your work on Maker Heart soon!

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