Get To Know: Claybies

Justine Durrant

Today we get to know Ruby, the designer behind Claybies. She is amazingly talented and creates awesome sculptures out of clay.

A word from the Designer:

I started sculpting back in 2012 and have been addicted to the art ever since. I was looking for a hobby to take up when a friend suggested playing with polymer clay. I started out with a couple pieces of clay from a local craft store and leftover acrylics/tools from my mom's art supply stash (many of which I still use to this day, believe it!). My very first piece was Link with a pig atop his head from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (excellent game by the way).

To this day, I am a self-taught clay sculptor of original, fan-inspired, and custom designs. I like to call call my sculptures 'claybies', short for clay babies. 

As an old school video game junkie and child at heart, my inspiration comes from my favorite cartoon shows, games, and movies from both the past and present. I love creating familiar characters with a little twist of emotion, pose, or personality. As my hobby has progressed over the past couple years, I've also started to create my own original sculpts as well. 

As for my 'process', I use oven-bake polymer clay for all of my sculpts. Each piece is individually sculpted, baked in a clay-dedicated oven, detailed with acrylics, then topped off with a layer of protective matte gloss varnish. Feel free to browse my most recent works on my Instagram or items for sale in my Etsy shop! I am also open to custom orders via request through email at [email protected]

From the Maker Heart Team:

Thank you Ruby for being so excited for this article, your enthusiasm is contagious! We look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

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